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We jumped into creation from the music of the wind.



barty crouch had to grade tests

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don’t play with ouija boards this halloween. they’re not dangerous it’s just that one asshole always pushes the planchet and you’ll probably not wanna be friends with him again.

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team i can’t do math for shit but i can write a 3 page english paper in less than an hour 

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You can tell a girl she’s smart her whole life, encourage her in school, buy her a chemistry set, send her to math camp, help her apply for college scholarships in STEM fields, and she’s still eventually going to walk into a classroom, a lab, or a job interview and have some man dismiss her existence, deny her funding, pass her over for a promotion, or take credit for her work. How about you work on getting those assholes out of power and quit telling me not to call girls pretty.

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I’m winter and my happiness comes once a year.

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